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Taking a Look at Minutes Played

As Paul Pogba limped off the field today my first thought was “wow,this sucks for him after all the (unnecessary) criticism after the Chelsea game.” Actually, if I’m keeping it real, it was more like “Damn, now I have to watch Fellaini play for an entire half.” (Though to be fair to him he was pretty good today)

Back to my main point, Man U have made some deep runs in both Europe and the domestic cups and infuriatingly it feels like Mourinho has played Pogba for every second of those games. Whether it was against lesser opposition where he probably shouldn’t be playing at all or against tougher opposition but the game has been put away, Pogba has been in the middle of the pitch for pretty much all of it.

To settle if its really been that bad, I put together a list of minutes played for the Top 6 in England plus PSG, Barca, Real Madrid and Atletico.

ALL Data from whoscored.com

Notes: I only chose players who have played 2/3 of the total minutes in the league and their primary position had to be central midfield. (Saul is the exception as he is for some reason listed as a defender first) Also, for teams that play 3 in midfield all 3 mids are included (KDB,Silva,Fernandinho) but teams that play with a #10 only the 2 deeper midfielders would be included (which is why Ozil doesn’t show up). The list is sorted by Total Minutes played.

Player Total League Europe Cup1 Cup2
Pogba 3511 2250 783 360 118
Koke 3447 2271 698 478
Wanyama 3191 2392 608 23 168
Eriksen 3055 2274 551 60 170
Herrera 3044 1819 540 540 145
Gabi 2950 1997 630 323
KDB 2829 2004 539 32 254
Silva 2801 2035 540 0 226
Saul 2665 1672 512 481
Matuidi 2600 1753 700 127 20
Busquets 2594 1703 601 290
Fernandinho 2580 1855 545 0 180
Kante 2536 2329 0 90 117
Kroos 2474 1560 554 360
Wijnaldum 2438 2081 0 267 90
Henderson 2265 2118 0 147 0
Motta 2259 1870 376 13 0
Lallana 2181 1986 0 180 15
Matic 2175 1995 0 90 90

This Week: I am just completing the Leroy Sane post so it should be up later tonight or early tomorrow. I figured I would post this quickly as the game just ended and it didn’t take too long to look up. The Champions League post will be up tomorrow during the late afternoon or evening.





Welcome to On The Half Volley

My name is Dale and I am a university student living in Canada who is currently freelance writing and decided to post my opinions in a blog. I’ve been watching football (Glory Glory Man United!) for as long as I can remember and lately the recent emphasis on numbers has made me look at things from a different perspective. Sometimes stats will confirm my opinion of a player, other times the eye test is completely opposite to what the numbers say. I will be writing about the game trying to balance a bit of both.

First things first…why the name on the half volley? It could be because a half volley is slightly less difficult than a volley, but when it is pulled off the ball usually goes flying top bins. Maybe it’s could be because “The Volley” could be referring to a tennis or volleyball blog, or a random computer game. Alternately, maybe I just wanted to slyly include a video of a highlight worthy Pogba goal in a Manchester United shirt

You can choose any of the above answers but as of right now this is a working title, so I’ll see if I can think of something better.

In this blog, I will write regularly about ongoing narratives in world soccer mainly focused on the PL, Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga with some occasional features on teams & players from other leagues. Besides taking a look at the weekly matches I have planned an ongoing series looking at players and coaching performance over longer periods of time.

Thanks for reading my welcome message, my next post will be a review of PL Matchday 24. I have 2 posts planned for the following week and I will be posting on here regularly once I figure out a schedule that works. I welcome any discussions through the comment section (NAME SUGGESTIONS) or also on Twitter. I also would love to read interesting football posts you have come across whether written by yourself or others, so feel free to point me in that direction. My email is in the contact section for any other questions.